You Gotta Like These Keiki 

It's a given: I go away on vacation, stay as far away as possible from an Internet connection so as not to be tempted into blogging from the side of a volcano, and Giants-related news happens hot and heavy. Not to mention hotly and heavily.

Let me recap:

November 2003: Behind my back Brian Sabean trades, well, you know.

December 2004: The Giants sign Mike Matheny and Moises Alou.

April 2006: The Giants trade Tyler Walker to Tampa Bay, where he promptly saves a game against the Red Sox -- "He had a great look about him, so I walked back to the dugout feeling a lot better," said his new manager -- then two days later, not so much. But the biggest blow was that my last shred of hope for Shinjomania II! has been stripped bare. (As noted by Jefferson in the previous post's comments.)

Also, Brian Wilson comes up and promptly pulls an oblique muscle. How original. Then Kevin Frandsen replaces Ray Durham and pulls a Brian Dallimore, with three hits in his first major-league start. (Kevin apparently pulled a brain muscle in yesterday's game, neglecting to run out a pop-up that turned into a double play.)

Where was I, you ask? Not really on the side of a volcano, you say? Behold:

I'd also show you dramatic photos of lava splashing into the Pacific Ocean as the setting sun turns the sky the color of a silly tropical drink, but my suspect lensmanship rendered the lava as tiny red smears against a steamy dark-blue background. Dang these newfangled soul-capturing apparatuses.

Happy me, though. I got back in time this morning to hear Brandon Webb Cy-lense (hint, hint) the Giants. Dude can pitch.

All in all, I'll take a winning April despite a gimpy Bonds, an anemic 1B/3B (and while we're at it, 2B) combo, and a bullpen that smells worse than this sulfurous crack high above Kilauea:

Before the month turns over, how about an April caption contest? Giants-related, of course.

I'll start:

"Former Giants third baseman Pedro Feliz decides to retire to the beachfront property he recently bought near his hometown in the Dominican Republic."


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