Omar Fu II 

In a time...when honest men were easily seduced to the dark side...

In a land....where an ancient evil held domain...

One man was civilization's best defense. With the honorable tools of wood and leather, he practiced the healing art of Omar Fu.

But one year was not enough to turn back the Blue Hordes. As spring came and the rains ended, the hordes gathered strength and attacked again. A great battle ensued. In the sixth inning of the third day, with the forces of good having gained a slight advantage, Omar Fu was called upon again, this time to throw out a young follower of the dark side named Ross.

Unlike most instances of Omar Fu, a photo will not describe its brilliance. Words must suffice. Instead of trying to turn a double play on the fleet-footed Kenneth of Lofton, Omar made The Force, instantly spun and hurled a bullet to third in anticipation of Ross rounding the base. As soon as Ross stepped past the bag, Omar's dart arrived, and his humble and mostly unworthy sidekick Pedro Feliz tagged the wayward runner to end the frame.

In the words of Elder Bard Krukow, it was "like, the most exciting play I have ever seen."


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