Back From Chicago 

The Giants conveniently had three days off while I was gone, so I didn't feel bad about abandoning my blog duties. Here's a quick outline of my Chicago trip:

- Saturday: Babes With Blades. I kid you not. Great idea, terrible execution. Some of the worst theater I've ever seen, despite plenty of topless swordplay. My sister, her boyfriend (both SCA geeks, hence the choice of entertainment) and I represented about 20% of the audience.

- Sunday, my only possible day to see baseball: White Sox out of town, Cubs sold out. However, I was in a bar near Wrigley on Sunday night after the Cubs won. The highlights on ESPN brought forth many a "Whoo! Cubbies!" outburst. Note to self: Never wear blue the color of an artificially-flavored lollipop. Sure, bright orange is bad, but at least the Giants save it for piping and the occasional funky piece o' merch. The Cubs wear their neon blue on their jerseys. At home. All their fans do, too, and they fill up bars with it. Is there an official name for this tint? Let me know.

- Monday: Bio '06, trapped inside a massive vacuum-sealed convention center while outside, Chicagoans enjoyed their first day of beautiful spring weather.

- Tuesday: Trapped inside a massive vacuum-sealed convention center with the onset of body chills, unpredictable bowels and miles to travel between restrooms. Uh-oh.

- Wednesday: Managed to crawl onto United flight 907 with two carry-ons, a nasty bug, a packet of Theraflu and a belly full of Pepto. You know that guy you fear will be sitting next to you when you take your seat and buckle your belt? That was me. Hi there. To my credit, I only made four trips to the aft lavoratories and didn't sneeze once. But the last two hours of the flight, as the clammy sweat soaked through my clothes, I could only think, "At least when I get home I can crawl into bed and listen to the Giants game."


But I did return to find some good news. "Once a Dodger, always a dodger."


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