Homemado Signs 

My man Elbo and I are headed down this evening to the Field of Maize for what will likely be a soggy exhibition against the A's. We won't have trouble finding it; we'll have these signs with us:

You want some? Go to Mays Field and print them out. Then paste them all over town.

The Maysfieldians are also working with SF Chron cartoonist Phil Frank to work them into some upcoming "Farley" strips. Keep your eyes peeled.

A few Small Print Updates®:

1) On the 40-man roster list, Wright for Coutlangus is official and Greene for Acosta is all but official. Does anyone know their guaranteed salaries?

2) A new name for Martin the Biased Giant Fanatic: He's now the Obsessive Giant Compulsive, a great blog name if there ever was one.

3) No more William Trevor's Bit on the Side; somewhere around page 100 it crossed the shimmering Hiberian threshold from subtle to boring. I have a barbaric American mind, I cannot help it. I've just started Will Carroll's The Juice and will post my thoughts in a few days.

Finally, one of the saddest sentences I've read in a while, from a recent story about Randy Johnson's illegitimate child:

"I would get cards back from him with just his signature - 'Randy,' " said Heather Renee Roszell, 16, who bears a striking resemblance to her "Big Unit" father.

Heartbreaking: no daughter should be ignored by her father in this way. And no one, let alone a 16-year-old girl, should have to bear a striking resemblance to Randy Johnson.


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