Fisking Draper 

The fiskers of Fire Joe Morgan have finally discovered the fascinating train wreck of hyperbole, ass-licking and ill-chosen metaphor known around here as The Draper Follies.

In this post, FJM takes apart Draper's latest quivering monument of toadyism erected in the majestic shadow of Steve Finley. (Props to Dead Teddy for pointing out the FJM post.)

The Draper piece reminds me of the Monty Python skit with the whingeing, groveling salesman played by Eric Idle, I think, who takes unctuous servility to new heights. Or lows. (If anyone can find a link to text of the Python skit, please post it in comments.)

I'm torn about FJM taking on Draper. On one hand, perhaps enough public pressure will force the Giants to make him stop; on the other hand, perhaps enough public pressure will force the Giants to make him stop. His writing might be replaced with guest columnists Todd Linden and Mike Matheny, discussing how video games and the Lord help them cope with the grueling 162-game schedule.

Other notes:

* Let the (exhibition) games begin! Noah Lowry takes the mound against the Cactus Brewers.

* Amy B. wrote to say that the pic posted here of Barry "Straight Up" Bonds made her day. Many more days are about to be made: For part two of the Giants Idol proceedings, including a new Barry/Paula get-up and Travis Ishikawa in mesh underwear, check out the snaps on Giants Jottings, fast becoming a necessity for its daily photos and reports on spring-training happenings. God bless the retired and unemployed.

* As the Japanese say, 案ずるより産むが易し。Or, "Anzuru yori umu ga yasushi." Or, literally: "Giving birth to a baby is easier than worrying about it." No doubt a proverb invented by a man. But it seems apt as we start the World Besu-baru Classic. For an in-depth look at the Japanese roster, visit Gary Garland's Japan Baseball Daily. It's a jogai honruida!


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