Fifths Update 

Time to check in on the competitors for the fifth starter and fifth outfielder spots.

Fifth outfielder

Jason Ellison
Offense: .379 / .471 / .552 (29 AB, 3 2B, 1 3B, 4 BB, 1 K, 1 for 1 SB)
Defense: Nothing noted in any reports I've seen.
Comments: He's gotten fewer at-bats the past week. Perhaps with the first round of cuts, those who remain are settling into their projected roles. Ellison pinch-ran yesterday and scored after Barry Bonds bunted him to third. He also beat out an infield hit; he needs to put the ball on the ground up the middle more often.
Fortunes: Waxing.

Todd Linden
Offense: .300 / .436 / .367 (30 AB, 2 2B, 6 BB, 5 K, 1 for 1 SB)
Defense: Had a terrible defensive day early in spring. No reports recently.
Comments: Linden has logged the most at-bats on the team this spring and most comments from Felipe, too. The skipper recently noted Linden's "fire," to which Linden responded, "The fire's there, I promise you that, and I'm glad he's seeing it." Fire is good, but where's the extra-base power?
Fortunes: Waning.

Fifth starter

Brad Hennessey
Pitching: 12.3 IP / 14 H / 9 ER / 2 HR / 6 BB / 7 K
Comments: After two strong outings, alter-ego Bad Brad re-emerged for a pounding last Friday. Quoth he: "I just got too many breaking balls up. It's kind of tough. It's a pitch I need to keep working on, but I don't want it to keep beating me." He bounced back somwhat today, but the 3 walks and only 1 K were troublesome.
Fortunes: Gibbous with a hint of wane.

Jamie Wright
Pitching: 5 scoreless IP / 5 H / 2 BB / 4 K, plus a decent outing against Team USA.
Comments: Five scoreless, all in relief. He could be making a case as a middle reliever/swing man.
Fortunes: Waxing.

Kevin Correia
Pitching: 3.2 IP / 5 H / 3 ER / 1 HBP / 2 K / 0 BB
Comments: After a wild Cactus debut, Correia settled down with a couple scoreless innings. Still hard to imagine he'll be considered for a starting spot. Let's see how he does tomorrow.
Fortunes: Slightly waxing, but still crescent.


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