A Couple Fifths 

The Giants opening day roster is practically set except for the fifth outfielder, the fifth starting pitcher, and the last spot or two in the bullpen. If the front office and Felipe have already picked favorites, they're not saying who.

Starting today, I'll keep a running tab on the spring stats of the fifth OF and SP candidates, plus notes on other factors, with a 100%-pulled-from-the-keister meter on whether their fortunes are waxing or waning. (Waxing is good, waning is bad. You knew that. Just making sure.)

Disclaimer: I'm not saying roster spots should be won or lost based on tiny spring-training sample sizes, but the Giants' decision process will no doubt take them into account. I will, too.

Second disclaimer: By using the terms "Todd Linden" and "waxing" in the same post, I'm not trying to make you think uncomfortable thoughts. Really.

Fifth outfielder

Jason Ellison
Offense: .353 / .476 / .529 (17 AB, 3 2B, 3 BB, 1 K, 1 for 1 SB)
Defense: Nothing noted in any reports I've seen.
Other: Bulked up over the winter. Many people noticed immediately. This, combined with Sabean last year openly questioning Ellison's stamina, makes me think he knows this is crunch time.
Fortunes: Waxing.

Todd Linden
Offense: .375 / .545 / .438 (16 AB, 1 2B, 4 BB, 4 K, 1 for 1 SB)
Defense: Had a terrible defensive day recently. Everyone noticed. Not good.
Other: Still mouth-breathing. Felipe noted the other day how Linden had all the skills but needed to get it together. Impatience, or a little extra motivation at exactly the right time from a wizened Jedi master? I vote for impatience.
Fortunes: Waning.

Fifth starter

Brad Hennessey
Pitching: 6 IP / 4 H / 2 ER / 1 HR / 1 BB / 5 K
Other: In two outings, Hennessey has reportedly looked excellent. He's getting ahead of hitters, he's being aggressive. Felipe noted after the first outing how Hennessey was able to correct quickly a mechanical flaw -- his bugaboo last year.
Fortunes: Hella waxin'.

Jamie Wright
Pitching: 2 scoreless IP / 2 H / 2 BB / 2 K, plus an outing against Team USA that I can't find in any boxscore. I think it was a bit rough.
Other: If he makes the team, the Giants have to kick someone off the 40-man roster. So he needs to outperform Hennessey by a wide margin.
Fortunes: Magic 8-Ball says, "Too soon to tell."

Kevin Correia
Pitching: 1.2 IP / 4 H / 3 ER / 1 HBP / 0 K / 0 BB
Other: Threw hard; nearly knocked Jerry Hairston into a coma. Same old, same old. I wouldn't even include him here except I've seen his name pop up a couple times as part of the competition.
Fortunes: Waning.


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