Caption Winners 

This week's caption contest came to a screeching halt thanks to Josh from Hollywood's entry. Strong work, JfH.

I realize I also forgot to name a winner to the previous caption contest. It was a tie: Anthony, with his A-Rod themed caption, and A1A with the obscure Vanilla Ice reference.

Congratulations to one and all. You get an El Lefty Malo plush-toy nematode as soon as you mail in your proof-of-purchase box tops. Or a free beer if we can arrange our hectic modern schedules accordingly. Mmm, beer. Mmm, baseball.

A brew before a game seems especially far away today, with temperatures in the near-freezings and snow falling on our local mountainous areas.

A couple notes for the weekend:

- The Mayor of Norwich is moving to Korea. Mike Cervenak, lifetime minor leaguer and 29-year-old nonprospect, has supposedly signed with a Korean team.

- Jim Baker of Baseball Prospectus has named his all-star "transient" team -- the best of the players who switched teams this year. For the National League pitchers, he lists El Duque, Chris Young, Dave Williams, Brian Lawrence, and David Bush. No Matt Morris? I think the Giants have become the opposite of the trendy pick, either as a team or as individual players (Barry excepted). It's cool to ignore them. They're just not much fun to talk about. Unsexy, I think the media like to say. To which I say, Ha! Have you seen Matt Morris's beard lately?

- Follow-on from a McC/Chr discussion board thread: What's a better band name, "Relish Matheny" or "Matheny Relish"? I mentioned this to La Fancherita last night and she said, "Is that some kind of food? I don't get it."


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