Thunder Only Happens When It's Raining 

Because Brian Sabean can't quite pull the trigger on those Miguel Tejada and Dontrelle Willis trades, I'm a bit stuck for material. Fortunately I had my first Giants-related dream of the year, just before I woke up this morning......

Matt Cain is on the mound, although he is shorter and thicker, and he is pitching well until Rich Aurilia, coming back to haunt his old mates, launches a line-drive three-run homer into the left-field bleachers at...I'm not sure which stadium. Not Mays Field; it's some sort of dream-weaved amalgam of Riverfront, Busch and Houston with those funny outfield arches.

During the game, the Giants trade J.T. Snow to the opposing team, which at one point seems to be the Phillies with reddish pinstriped uniforms. With the Giants down 3-0 because of Aurilia's home run, Snow comes to bat against Cain; he runs the count to 3 and 0, then slaps a high, outside fastball deep to left. It bounces off the top rim of the wall, which counts as a home run, though I don't remember a yellow stripe or other such contrivance. How embarrassing for the Giants.

Even worse, Snow stays in the batter's box and hits a second home run. (My dream, my ground rules.) This time, he takes his jog around the bases with the arm pump like Kirk Gibson did when he hit his famous World Series home run off Eck. The fans go nuts, the opposing bench goes nuts (it's now the Expos, although Snow hasn't had time to change uniforms), and Snow is excited to rub it in the Giants' faces.

As he approaches third base, it looks like he slides head-first into the bag. Man, he's really showboating! He gets up and continues his home run trot. According to the Lefty Malo Dream Rulebook, this would normally be grounds for calling the batter out. But no! The umpire points to the third baseman's feet and signals "Safe"! Let's go to the rapid-eye-movement replay....

There, freeze the frame and you can see that the third baseman stuck out his cleat and tripped Snow. He did it with a smile on his face -- it was a playful gesture, a little practical joke against his former teammate. Snow is laughing, too, as you can see. So no harm done.

Finally Felipe comes to get Cain. Two home runs in the same at-bat is just too much. The Giants are now down 5-2, and the alarm goes off.

What does it all mean, doctor?


UPDATE: Of course. I should have known. My subconscious was trying to tell me that the Orioles were about to pluck Giants' farmhand Brian Burres off waivers.


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