To Dream The Impossible Dream 

For the upcoming TV movie about Brian Sabean's life they better get Anne Bancroft to play him, because after today, we're going to call Sabes the Miracle Worker.

He just traded Edgardo Alfonzo. People said it couldn't be done. People laughed and pointed and chalked up Alfonzo as an $8 million backup third baseman in 2006.

But now he's gone, and in his stead, the Giants will have Steve Finley, the same Steve Finley who as a free agent spurned the Giants' advances more than once and burned hella bridge, as the kids say these days, with the S.F. front office.

But now he's ours, hahahahahahahahaha! You have to play for the Giants, Steve, or else retire.

Given the way he played in '05, however, that might be the better option. He had a year arguably worse than any of Alfonzo's three years in orange and black. He was awful, but he was injured. Was it a fluke? Is he finished? Is he off the 'roids? He is 40, after all, and through his late 30s people marveled at what "great shape" he was in. Mmm-hmm.

It's worth the risk. Even a modest comeback will be an improvement, and he's still a top-notch defender who makes a great backup for the other alte kackers in the outfield. He's owed $7 M next year and $1 M for his 2007 buyout.

In other words, the Giants are on the hook for the same amount of money, but they're spending it on someone who was above-average for several years through 2004, and who plays a position the Giants have greater need to fill than backup 3b/2b.

Strong work, Sabes.


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