More on Morris Risk 

From Will Carroll in today's BP:

Matt Morris is a Giant now. Was three years too long for him or will the ballpark help him?

I’ll leave the park effects work to Clay and Nate and the defensive work to James and Keith, so I’ll stick to the injury aspects of Morris’ signing. Morris has remade himself after his shoulder injury and came back nicely from off-season cleanup. Pitchers that remake themselves after injury--think Tommy John or Frank Tanana--often have long careers. Morris has taken a pretty serious workload during his time in St Louis, but if you look at their track record, there’s not a lot of serious injury there to the starters. Morris isn’t a horrible risk from the injury standpoint and likely to be a positive component for a Giants team that you just have to think is going for it this year. I think Brian Sabean is sticking to what he does best and planning to build the team up with in-season trades.


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