Blue Chunks 

Former Dodger exec (and former Laker) Tommy Hawkins has some unkind things to say about his former organization. Hawkins was one of their top PR guys until a year ago. Caveat: the messenger is L.A. Times caveman/columnist T.J. Simers, but it seems he didn't strain to add too much of his own content (remember, it's subject-verb-direct object, T.J.).

Quoth Hawkins:

"Every time I see some of the decisions being made or some of the people that have been fired or some of the people that were brought into positions who have never spent one hour in baseball, I want to throw up."

"You take what's being done in tickets, advertising, marketing, customer service, public relations, and it's about as disjointed as I have ever seen in any organization."

"The [McCourts] wiped out history. There's some pomposity there. They came in believing they had the right idea and could do it their own way, and now they've hit the wall. Then they go out and hire all these efficiency [and crisis management] experts who haven't spent an hour in baseball either."

No wonder Brian Giles reportedly turned down a more lucrative offer from L.A. to stay with the Padres.

No wonder everyone has turned down the manager's job. Even Ann Heche.

No wonder Phil Jackson couldn't return a semblance of normalcy to...oh, sorry, that's the other dysfunctional laughing-stock of an L.A. team.

My heart breaks.


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