There Once Was a Man Near Pawtucket 

The best way to feel stupid and have a good laugh, other than watching a Farrelly Brothers movie, is to riffle through the rounds of the dear Scorebard's latest Web game, Humbugardy. Laugh, because the wit and irreverence of the Bard and his contestants is unparalleled in baseball writing. Cry, because the questions -- rather, answers, as the game is modeled after Jeopardy -- cause extreme cramping in mere mortal brains like mine.

Example (6th Degree Quotes for 800):

This pitcher is the last to strike out the last batter to strike out against a pitcher who attended the same university as a famous poet born in the same city as the player who once said, "It's a strained muscle or something."

But not all is toil and trammell; sometimes El Bardo just wants poetry. Or in this case, ahem, "poetry" (Subjective for 1000):

As judged by the host on the evening of November 15, 2005, the best original limerick about Carl Everett.

Ongoing submissions including mine can be viewed here.


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