Eyre Time 

The Associated Press got a hold of Scott Eyre's home phone number and talked to the Giants reliever during taco night. He was cooking dinner for his kids at home in Florida, and the loquacious lefty made it clear re-signing with the Giants was not a priority.

He said all the nice things about San Francisco, the Giants organization and the fans, but you don't need a magnifying glass to read between the lines of his comments: the Giants would have to overwhelm him to bring him back.

"I feel like I've pitched well enough to deserve to find out what I am worth. If the Giants make something nice, I'll consider it very heavily."

Remember, the Giants have already made their first offer: reportedly two years plus an option for an undisclosed dollar figure. Eyre translation: that was not "something nice."

"[I'm] doing all the dad things I like to do," he said. "I want to be happy, and it will be mine and my wife's decision."

Why would he play on the West Coast when several big-budget East Coast teams are probably happy to keep him within a couple hours' flight of his kids? If he played back East even for a non-Florida team, he could fly home on off-days.

"If something comes up where I can play closer to home and it's going to be a fun clubhouse and something like San Francisco, it's going to be a tough decision to turn down. If people don't understand that, they don't love their kids like I do."

C'mon, Scott, what clubhouse could be more fun than San Francisco's? That Barry Bonds guy is such a free spirit, always keeping guys loose and giggly, no? And Felipe Alou: Mr. Personality!

"They're still on my list, No. 1 on the list," Eyre said. "I guess you could say with the people I've talked to, I'm trying to get three years and my agent thinks I could get more."

Translation: the Giants are still No. 1 on his list if they can give him 4 years and, say, $12 million.

Is any team crazy enough to give a journeyman 33-year-old lefty with one excellent year in his resume that kind of contract? I doubt it. Even the Yankees have learned some lessons about showering middle relievers with cash ( Steve Karsay ). But other teams will certainly have more payroll budgeted for their bullpens and could easily match not to mention outspend the Giants. And a match may be all it takes, given the big hints Eyre is dropping about wanting to play closer to home. Even if the Giants trade LaTroy Hawkins and others to free up payroll, I don't see much future in S.F. for Scott Eyre.

Question: how much do you think Eyre is worth? If he doesn't re-sign with the Giants, should they go into spring training with Fassero and Taschner as their lefty relievers?


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