The Big Ampersand 

Just when the name "SBC Park" started to feel comfy and homey -- for those of us who spent our childhoods down a manhole or in a regional switching office, that is -- it looks like the old yard is getting another sobriquet overhaul:

"Once we announce the [SBC-AT&T] merger is complete, then we do intend to move to a single brand," said John Britton, spokesman for SBC. "We'll of course work with the Giants to make the transition."

Of course.

AT&T Park? AT&T Field? To be honest, it's no worse than the current name. At least AT&T conjures up memories of undersea wires and switchboard operators who look like Lily Tomlin. Better yet, hundreds of thousands of otherwise illiterate sports fans may finally get to know the noble ampersand.

Other than staying away from the park, there's not much economic impact we season ticket holders can have. Personally, I'd feel a little silly walking away from my tickets in a huff because of yet another stadium name change. For better or worse, we've become inured to the carousel of slapped-on corporate names.

At least the news reminds us not to get complacent: call the Giants' ballpark "Mays Field" whenever we make reference to it in print or conversation. Fight the good fight, Giants fans!

...er, but not with our tax dollars, please. Let's hope the move to AT&T doesn't re-light certain S.F. supervisors' desires to legislate a name change. We have other problems in this town that deserve their attention, such as kow-towing to whiny, spoiled dog owners, rewarding the bad habits of Muni drivers, and blogging.

Of course.

Question of the day: Will new flavor-of-the-week Giant prospect Brian Wilson make the majors next year?

Answer: God only knows.


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