The After-Felipe 

The Los Angeles Times noted a couple days ago that the Dodgers were starting to interview managerial candidates to replace Jim Tracy. On the list: the Giants' bench coach and long-time heir-apparent Ron Wotus.

To become the Giant manager, Wotus, who's been with the organization since 1988, would have to wait until the end of next year, unless the Giants pick up the option on Felipe Alou's contract for 2007. By then, Felipe will be 92 years old and spend much of his time muttering about the moral decline of young people who walk around in dungarees and sit together at the moving picture show.

It's odd to argue vehemently for Ron Wotus as the next Giant manager. What am I going to say: "He's made some brilliant moves as bench coach; check out the way he positions the outfielders before each pitch." Nor do I have statistics that prove Wotus, when he was third-base coach, was in the 96th percentile of successfully sending runners home.

But the Dodgers like him enough to interview him.

Would the Giants make a huge mistake by letting him walk away? Should they quietly promise him the job after '06? If not Wotus, who else?


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