They Didn't Kill Kinney! 

My 1-3-8 ticket partner Chris grabbed me by the lapels Friday night as we walked...skipped...floated out of Cain Field. "The Giants will set the record for the World Series winner with the worst regular season record. Mark my words."

I marked them. I giggled, too. Is it "a case of too little too late" for the Giants, as Jon Miller just asked in tonight's post-game close, as Tony Bennett echoes behind him through the quickly emptying Cain Field?

Six games out. Noah Lowry and Matt "They renamed a stadium after me" Cain going tomorrow and Wednesday. As Joaquin Andujar used to say, "Youneverknow." In 1998 they won 9 of 10 down the stretch to tie the Cubs for the wild card. What? 9 of 11? Neifi Perez? Home run off Robb Nen? Bla, bluh, la, la, zhoom, boom, I can't hear you. Your lips move but I can't hear what you're saying.

'Fess up: how many of you tonight erased Kevin Correia from your 2006 starting rotation and penciled in Matt Kinney? I think Correia's having injury problems -- Miller said after his first couple pitches that he was slinging from the side and looked mechanically screwed up -- so I won't rush to judgment. The Giants should shut him down now. I heard Brian Sabean on KNBR the other night, and he talked about Correia as if he may not have the physiology for the big leagues. He called him a "maximum effort guy," which I took to mean "one who puts a lot of strain on his body and there's nothing we can do about it."

But Kinney could blossom, with the right...never mind. I just looked at his career numbers. They're much worse than I expected. The only encouraging sign is he's increased his K/9 rate every year. This could well be the best night of his career: 5 2/3 scoreless innings and the win in the midst of a...(cough)...pennant race.

Oh, and: Bonds. I forgot how fun it is when he comes up.


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