Ride the White Pony 

Just back from Mays Field at Cain Arena, where some overmuscled short guy with a teenage 'stache and a Padres jersey in the 1-3-8 yelled, "Barry, you suck!" every three innings. Whatever.

Nothing worse than a teenage 'stache. Sit down, peach fuzz, and show some respect. What is that, a Phil Nevin jersey? Oh, sorry...Ryan Klesko. There's a real American hero for you.

Barry in the lineup makes miracles happen: Edgardo Alfonzo is hitting line drives. Next thing you know, Fonzie will hit one to the wall or, heavens forfend, over it.


But all the slumping guys got hits tonight: Omar smacked a couple line drives, Todd Linden looked decent in lining a single the opposite way, Fonzie got a couple hits, and Lance "All We Are Saying, Is Give Me A Chance" Niekro roped an RBI single.

Noah continued his September two-step: six innings, three runs, nothing pretty, but enough to keep the G's close. Benitez continued to throw off-speed pitches that say, "Why hello, you handsome left-handed hitter, let me hang here for just a second to get a better look at you..."

When he stuck with the fastball, he blew Dave Roberts, Klesko and Mark Loretta away. It was hitting 93-94 with nasty tail to the outside. Whatever he threw to Fick was not a fastball, and Fick deposited it over the arcade.

Best news tonight came from Barry's post-game interview. The Giants have found their rallying cry, thanks to this priceless quote: "You just can't take two days and two games right now and start riding the white pony."

But if the Giants win tomorrow behind Sweet Sugar Cain, it's four games out with 17 to go, and we'll all be sitting in the back seat whining, OK, now can we get on the white pony? Please?


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