The only thing that can soothe the pain of a Brett Tomko Meltdown® is the double-fisted power pop of the New Pornographers amidst the crushed velvet of Bimbo's 365. As my man Elbo likes to say: Knocked right out of the park.

There was plenty of classic banter with the audience, too. Lead singers Carl Newman and Neko Case went on an extended riff about Steve Perry and his importance to the San Francisco Bay Area. Neko: "Is it true that only chicks like Journey? Guys don't like Journey? Is it because they feel threatened by Steve Perry?"

They went on and on, reveling in the fact that they weren't playing music, until an audience member called out, "Who's Steve Perry?"

I love Neko Case more than I hate Brett Tomko, and for that I am stronger.


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