On-Fire Starters 

Great series this weekend. Friday night I sat high above home plate with steak-frites and a couple martinis in my belly (thanks again, A-B); Saturday I missed all but the post-game radio show but savored every last second of audio highlight. Sunday, what fun to watch Brian "Make-a-Wish Foundation" Cooper match zeroes with El Hombre Cohete until a rare Eyre meltdown spoiled the party.

Cue the Meatloaf. (Or should I say 'Cue the Meatloaf?)

Fun stat of the weekend:

Giants starters
22 IP / 8 H / 1 ER / 8 BB / 16 K

Astros starters
21 IP / 22 H / 6 ER / 4 BB / 16 K


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