Loose Grip 

Word from KNBR is that Marquis Grissom has been released, though I don't see it anywhere online yet. His totals with the Giants:

BA .281
OBP .315
SLG .441
OPS .755
64 BB
183 K

Those numbers were dragged down by this year's injury-marred performance. Let's hope Grip is remembered for '03 and '04, when he gave the Giants two solid, 20-homer years (and lots of first-pitch GIDPs) for the low, low price of about $4 million. Johnny Damon, Jim Edmonds, or Carlos Beltran in center field would have been better, sure, and his days as a premium defender were behind him, but on the whole Grip was an admirable Giant. Plus, he was named after a car. So long. It's been grand, Marquis.


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