Heart Attack And Vine 

Just back from Mays Field...

On a night with fog swirling through the yard, there were some eerie happenings afoot. My dad went to get coffee in the fifth inning, about two innings earlier than usual. I kicked myself (figuratively) for not wearing long underwear. Yes, for those of you reading this in places not called San Francisco or Anchorage or Novaya Zemlya, we keep long underwear close by in August.

Just because you grow up here doesn't mean you can't underestimate how fershlugginer cold it gets on the metal benches of the 1-3-8.

The evening started with a moment of silence for the 49er who collapsed and died after the exhibition game this weekend. My dad said he heard Rick Barry interview Bill Walsh today about the tragedy; Walsh said the way football players are so big these days, it's no wonder. I'm not sure what to make of that -- wouldn't that lead to a noticeable jump in heart attacks among football players in recent years as the 300-pounder became commonplace? I haven't noticed any rash of player collapses. That Minnesota guy...anyone else?

The evening ended with us on the Muni platform outside the stadium watching the cops and paramedics clear out a train car and give a prone man emergency treatment. He collapsed from a heart attack, came the whisper through the crowd. We glanced in as we shuffled past the car, but all we could see were SFFD paramedics doing hand compression against a thick hairy chest. My dad, a doctor, said that chest compression in the field isn't a good sign.

The trains were backed up and not going anywhere, for obvious reasons. A man's life hung in the balance. To our right a middle-aged guy with two kids in tow approached a Muni worker in a day-glo vest and asked what was happening. Once informed of the situation, the dad asked, "Well, how long do you think it's going to take?"

If he didn't have two kids with him I would have stepped up and said, "Sorry for the inconvenience you're experiencing. Let me run the numbers on my handy, pocket-sized emergency-care time estimator, sir. Just one moment. You fucking shitheel."

I held my tongue, which in my old age I'm starting to realize helps in certain situations.

I did not hold back, however, when Felipe came to fetch young Noah in the top of the ninth as if he had stayed out too late and his supper was getting cold. No if's and's or but's, young man! You are not going to finish this game and let your post-game spread get cold!

I booed Felipe, I must admit -- I thought Lowry could get one more batter worth of slack, even though he had thrown 128 pitches. But I might have done the same thing in Felipe's orthotic slippers; in fact, when the inning started and I glanced at the pitch count -- 110, I believe -- I said to my dad, I'll betcha he gets pulled if one guy gets on.

Moisey hit one to Boise, but the coolest AB of the game was Lowry's in the sixth. He worked Jon Lieber to two strikes before punching a fairly deep fly ball to center for a sac fly. That at-bat got me thinking: Lowry's a very good hitter and has been super-stingy with the runs this month...

Runs Lowry has driven in: 2
Runs Lowry has allowed: 2

For the record, here's Lowry in August so far:

31.1 IP / 17 H / 2 ER / 8 BB / 27 K / 0.57 ERA

9 ABs / 3 H / 1 2B / 2 SAC / 1 SF / 2 RBI

He has allowed 1 extra-base hit, Jason Michaels' double tonight, this month. He has one more start, Sunday against the Mets if my handy, pocket-sized Giants schedule estimator is accurate. Let's see if he not only can nail down NL Pitcher of the Month but end August with more RBIs and extra-base hits than his opponents.


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