A Good Sign 

Kevin Correia will take Rueter's place in the rotation tomorrow, and likely for the rest of the year:

"We're going to give the kids the ball," said [Felipe] Alou, of a rotation featuring Noah Lowry, Brad Hennessey and Correia, as well as veterans Jason Schmidt and Brett Tomko. "We're going to go that way the rest of the season. We're 15 games below .500, and we gotta give the kids a better look and opportunities, play them more."

As for why these revelations are taking place the first week of August instead of the last week of July...sigh.

On second thought, maybe the kids aren't alright: Yamid Haad just allowed a man to reach base on catcher's interference, leading to a two-out run against Tyler Walker. This is the second straight game a Haad blunder has cost the Giants a key run. And two innings ago, Jason Ellison was inserted to pinch-run with one out, representing the lead run. He was caught leaning and nearly got picked off by B.K. Kim, a right-handed pitcher. Then on the next play, he did get picked off. He must be taking baserunning lessons from Moises Alou.


Wow, suddenly the Giants are saying all the right things:

A notorious free swinger, Feliz said he has been making more of an attempt to be patient. "The more aggressive you are on bad pitches, the worse off you are," said Feliz, who had three RBIs to increase his team-leading total to 66. "Sometimes you can't hold off. You swing on bad pitches when you're being overaggressive."

I think I'll start a sub-blog called "Smart Things the Giants Have Said." It shall be a wee blog.


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