"You Can Pay Only So Much For Scenery" 

The Chron yesterday took a long hard look at the Giants' ticket sales and, in general, team finances. There's a lot to chew on in this long piece. For example: Larry Baer says the Giants have to sell out every game to break even. And that the team will lose $1 to $2 million this year.

There are signs that post-Barry sales will soften considerably if the team continues to struggle. Much of it has to do with perceived re-sale value. If you can't sell many of your season tix for at least face value on the secondary markets, why would you buy season tix in the first place?

Rebuilding for a couple years, although perhaps unavoidable, could turn Mays Field into Jacobs Field West. The Indians enjoyed huge crowds for years at the Jake during the great Thome-Belle-Vizquel years. But the '02-'03 rebuild scared away fans, and they haven't returned despite the new, exciting, successful team now on the field.

Question: are you a season ticket holder? Are you going to re-up for '06? What are your criteria: a winning team? A big star? A discount from the street price? Or will you support the Giants unconditionally?


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