This Is Why We Are The Braves and You Are the Giants 

Exhibit #1:

- We blow a one-out, man-on-third scoring situation in the first inning, but with two outs, we hit back to back home runs.

- You blow a bases loaded, one-out situation in the first inning, and with two outs your "big RBI man" (snicker, snicker) is totally overmatched by our mediocre journeyman starter.

Exhibit #2:

- When your rookie pitcher throws a fat fastball, our cleanup batter fouls it straight back. When your rookie pitcher throws another fastball in the exact same location two pitches later, our cleanup hitter plants it halfway up the bleachers.

- When our journeyman pitcher walks the bases loaded, then throws a fat 2-0 fastball to your #5 hitter, he swings late and pops out to shortstop. Then he throws a slider in the dirt to your "big RBI man" (snort, guffaw), who swings and misses.

Exhibit #3:

Jim Brower.

On the other hand:



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