Psst, Your Merkin is Dangling 

Trade rumor buried at the bottom of Ken Rosenthal's latest TSN column:

The Giants apparently were willing to trade Class AA righthander Merkin Valdez for Rockies righthander Jason Jennings, but the Rockies balked at the deal. "If he stays a starter, Valdez can at least be Pedro Astacio," one scout says. "I think you might be able to put him at the back end of the bullpen. He's got the body to be an Armando Benitez." Valdez is listed at 6-3 and 220 pounds, but the scout says he could carry 250.

UPDATE: News that Jennings needs an MRI on an injured finger ligament may dampen the Giants' ardor. Let's hope. Unfortunately, the same story in the Rocky Mtn. News says the Giants may be interested in the Rockies' utility guy Desi Relaford. That makes no sense unless the Giants are about to trade Ray Durham and need a stop-gap second baseman.

UPDATING THE UPDATE: Right-hander Jason Jennings will miss the rest of the season with a fractured right middle finger, yet another injury for a last-place team already struggling to find reliable starters.


A couple other notes:

*Despite his prolonged offensive slump, Jason Ellison's OPS is still higher than Mark Kotsay, Juan Pierre, and highly touted Seattle rookie Jeremy Reed. Higher than Willy Tavares, who some pundits say should be rookie of the year ("some" meaning one whom I read recently and now can't find through a lazy Web search -- but it's true). So let's not write the kid off as a starting center fielder just yet. If he got a few more days off against tough righthanders, his stats would look a lot better.

*Mike Matheny .250/.308/.448
A.J. Pierzynski .243/.293/.418
Not a big deal, but I feel a little warm and tingly seeing it in front of me.

*Pedro Feliz is having roughly the same offensive year as Eric Chavez. Pedro is also having roughly the same year as Garrett Anderson.


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