"A Disgusting Loss Today at Wrigley Field" 

Those were Jon Miller's post-game words in response to this:

*Jason Ellison, leading off the game with a walk then stumbling as he tried to steal second. If you get a bad jump, stop and go back. Ellison did not.
* Pedro Feliz, twice unable to get a runner home from third with less than two outs.
* Omar Vizquel, missing a squeeze sign.
* Vizquel, booting an inning-ending double play grounder.
* Michael Tucker, losing an easy fly ball in the sun.
* Kevin Correia, pitching the bottom of the ninth, walking the leadoff batter.
* Felipe Alou, putting in Correia to start the ninth. In fact, Alou, Righetti, and whoever else, putting Correia in the bullpen.

Jon Miller also said this: "The Giants will head to Milwaukee with knowledge not only that they could have swept the Cubs, but that they should have swept the Cubs."

And he's an employee.


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