Your Fresn...Er...San Fran...Er....Grizzliants 

We can now officially ask the question: Among rookies with funny names, where do you think Shabala ranks?

I've been waiting a couple years for that one.

Todd Linden and Adam Shabala are now San Francisco Giants. Marquis Grissom and Edgardo Alfonzo are now on the shelf. Hey, what's Ben Copeland doing next week?

That brings our rookie count to six, and our nearly-rookie count to three (Foppert, Lowry, Walker).

Shades of 1996, if any of you whippersnappers were even alive back then. Check out these names: Marvin Larry Benard, Kim Batiste, Desi Wilson, Dan Peltier, Dax Jones*, Steve Bourgeois, Dan Carlson, Marcus Jensen...need I go on? View the entire mind-blowing roster here. A few fun facts about 1996:

- the last time a Giants team lost 90 games.
- Bill Mueller's rookie year, and his best OPS (.816) as a Giant.
- It was the first of Shawon Dunston's three stints with the Giants. I believe his final at-bat in a Giant uniform was his home run in game 6 of the 2002 World Series; I cannot check this as Retrosheet.org is down.
- Glenallen Hill had a darn good year: .280/.344/.499/no spiders. I still miss the big lummox.

* I love Dax Jones even more than I love Jalal Leach, Rikkert Faneyte, Dennis Littlejohn, Guy Sularz, and Mark Calvert for one simple reason: one night in college we were high as kites and found my friend Sam's pomade. Sam was a Sephardic Jew with nappy hair and used a black-hair product called Dax. I think it was pure lanolin. We couldn't resist. We all Daxed. I believe this was the same night we coined the phrase "Up all night with Lash's chicken," which referred to the meal I undercooked, not underage sex partners. Really.

Let me tell you something
: whether you are a 2005 San Francisco Giant or a 1989 College Stoner, at some point in life, you are Dax. We are all Dax.


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