Worth the Price of Admission 

This game sounds like fun. The reports of Jose Guillen getting especially riled and screaming at his former Angel mates -- then hitting a crucial homer in the eighth -- make me want to trade my season tix in the 1-3-8 for a weekend trip to RFK. BP's Will Carroll adds this bit of intrigue to the mix (from today's Under The Knife):

"Jose Guillen tipped off manager Frank Robinson about Brendan Donnelly’s use of pine tar on his glove. If I were Guillen, I’d wear a two-flap for the next couple weeks."

* A quick note on last night's Giants' loss to Minnesota: It feels a little dirty to root for guys like Durham and Feliz to do well and boost their trade value. It's also dangerous: if Feliz starts hitting the cover off the ball, Sabean will no doubt feel justified to keep him and sign him to a 5-year contract extension.

As for last night, Ray-Ray's continued dominance against Santana must have opened some eyes in A.L. front offices, with visions of having to face the Twins in the playoffs, and Santana perhaps twice in one series. Is it enough to convince an AL team to pick up a big chunk of his salary? His risible defense wouldn't be as much a factor -- an A.L. team could DH him, just as the A's did when they picked him up for the stretch run in 2002. If he's at all tradeable (and for that he'd have to prove he's once again healthy and hitting with power), I fear Sabean would either have to pay much of the contract or settle for fringe prospects. If he can get a good prospect and money off the books, he's a miracle worker.

Next week's wet dream: Mike Matheny's incredible offensive resurgence makes him irresistible to several contenders in July!


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