No Sprinkles 

As Moises Alou channels Candy Maldonado with his sliding non-catches, as LaTroy Hawkins unzips his mask to reveal the tortured spectral face of Matt Herges, as Felipe Alou trips over his catheter on his way to argue with the umpires, I can only take refuge in psuedo-Peanuts homilies.

Happiness is a warm bratwurst. The grass is always greener in the first inning. Baseball is like ice cream: Sometimes you get the mocha almond fudge, sometimes you get the haddock.

I don't really believe this, but I had to think of a way to link to that ice cream story.

I do believe in looking for small reasons to stay optimistic in lieu of going completely batshit. Tonight's reason: Brad Hennessey's true grit. Can he be the stopper of a six-game losing streak in one of the best hitters' parks in the majors? Can he make the Giant bullpen as irrelevant as possible? I'll be watching with my hands partially covering my eyes the way I used to watch horror films.

In fact, I still watch them that way.

All right, I don't actually watch horror films. At least not the scary ones.

OK, I won't even watch Gremlins 2.

Tomorrow's reason to stay optimistic: the Giants don't seem in any hurry to remove Marquis Grissom from the DL.


UPDATE: Fogball's Tom Gorman, now a BP contributor, has a blurb on the Hawkins trade in today's Prospectus Notebook. Uh-oh: the payroll figures aren't as favorable to the Giants as we first thought.


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