I Knew The Whole Time That Nathan Guy Sucked 

Nice little victoire tonight, thanks mostly to an unlikely meltdown from the Twins platinum bullpen. Joe Nathan, *this* is why we traded your ass.

Tonight's victory is also due to the fact that Brian Sabean knows how to evaluate 42-year-old left-handed pitching talent:

Their 42-year-old lefty:

2/3 IP, 3 ER, 3 H, 3 BB, 1 K

Our 42-year-old lefty:

2.1 IP, 0 R, 2 H, 0 BB, 4 K

Other little tidbits I liked about this game:

* Even when Jason Ellison wasn't hitting well, he found a way to get on base twice. He was batting eighth tonight, but he's auditioning to be the Giants' leadoff hitter for years to come.

* Carl Everett may not like this, but Omar Vizquel has just assured himself of the eternal homoerotic adoration of certain Giant blogboys (click and search on the page for "dreamy"). As Krukow would say, "Havva game, will ya?" (For those who didn't follow: 5-for-6, 4 rbis, 3 runs, a triple and a double.)

* Felipe Alou should say more things like this: "It's still early. We have a guy here (Matheny), the last left-hander he saw, he hit a home run off him, at home. I'm not going to change right now the way we're going to use Matheny." Then the next day put Yorvit in the starting lineup so he hits four balls on the screws and gets three hits.

* Adam Shabala didn't get his first big-league knock, but he drove in two when they counted and almost hit one out.

* With a name like Jack Taschner, how can he be anything but an undercover special counterterrorism agent?

* Moises Alou is fifth in the league in OPS behind Derrek Lee, Bobby Abreu, Carlos Delgado, and Albert Pujols.


Promotional giveaway of the year (from the Chron): "Brett Tomko has created a charcoal-and-pastel drawing of catcher Mike Matheny behind the plate, to be used on this year's Strike Out Cancer poster giveaway."

The only thing better would be a drawing of Matheny riding a pony with a long, braided mane.


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