Hope Half Way 

Instead of adding to the gloom of today's constant rain, I'm curious how many teams of the past ten years have made the playoffs after looking mediocre or worse about half way through.

In a recent discussion of the Giants' chances to turn this season around, I made reference to last year's Houston Astros, who were four games under (56-60) on August 14. I was chided in the comment box for citing the exception to the rule. So, a disclaimer: I make no claim of any similarity between this year's Giants, eight games below .500 on June 8, and the teams in the following list.

'04 ATL 6/29 36-40 96-66, Div champs
'03 CHC 7/18 47-48 88-74, Div champs
'03 FLA 6/18 34-39 91-71, WS champs
'03 MIN 7/17 45-49 90-72, Div champs
'01 STL 7/13 43-45 93-69, Div champs
'01 OAK 6/26 35-40 102-60, Wild card
'97 HOU 7/5 42-45 84-78, Div champs
'96 STL 6/14 31-34 88-74, Div champs

I leave you to draw your own conclusions.


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