DeVore I Miss, Demeanor I Get 

Speaking of badly butchered punch lines, the Matt Herges era has ended. The Giants shipped him to the Diamondbacks, which is mildly surprising for two reasons:

1) They are a division rival.
2) They couldn't wait until he cleared waivers. (However, I think the Giants sent some cash to help pay the rest of his salary.)
2a) That Arizona was willing to trade for him meant they were afraid another team would get him. This means other teams actually feel Herges is of use, a feeling the Giants and most of their fans obviously don't share.

By the way, nobody guessed or even mentioned in passing Matt Herges during El Lefty Malo's Keith Moon Memorial "Who's Next" Contest. So, as per Jefferson's question, the contest is still open' Herges doesn't count because he was designated for assignment first. It's sort of like entering a persistive vegetative state; sorry, but you're no longer eligible in the dead pool. (Or it seems to me you shouldn't be -- I don't quite understand how these things work.)

About this Matt Herges Era: it began stupendously, with Herges throwing excellent ball down the stretch in 2003 and laughing about the Giants fans calling him "Herpes" when he was with the Dodgers. And who can forget that no-out, bases-loaded jam he escaped against the Marlins in the playoffs?

It all went sour when, ever the team guy, Herges agreed to be the closer coming out of spring training last year. I thought he'd recover from that disaster with a comfortable return in 2005 to middle relief, but it wasn't in the stars. Be it something in his arm or in his head, he's not the same guy the Giants picked out of the Padres' pocket in mid-2003.

Now he's a D-Back and will no doubt haunt the Giants the rest of the year, as my link in yesterday's post subconciously indicated.

But there's a silver lining. The Giants needed a left-handed bat, right? Herges has netted them one. Enter...hey, what happened to that drum roll? Doug DeVore, ladies and gentlemen. When I first glimpsed the headline, I thought I saw "Dellucci." Which would make no sense at all.

I vaguely remember DeVore from last year, when he spent much of the season with the D-Backs. In fact, he hit two of his three home runs against the Giants: one off Wayne Franklin, the other off Jim Brower to win a game. He's reporting to Fresno, so we can only hope he is not the left-handed hitting addition Sabean said recently he wants to make.


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