Quick Fix 

Half the Giants blogosphere has man-crushes on Omar Vizquel, and I consider myself the founder of the Omar Fu-cademy. You don't need to be the Score Bard to see that Omar is an anagram of Amor.

But when a lefty starts against the Giants, Omar needs to ride a little pine.

Problem: The Giants' offense is starting to sputter now that Feliz and Alfonzo are coming back to earth. Seventeen runs in the last 7 games. While they're scratching for runs, Felipe should start Deivi Cruz at shortstop versus left handed pitchers.

So far in 2005:

Vizquel vs. LHP: .174/.240/.283

Cruz vs. LHP: .348/.400/.565

Small sample sizes, yes -- 46 ABs for Omar, 23 for Deivi. For Vizquel, it doesn't matter. His career stats show him much better against righties, especially in getting on base, which is his main job as the #2 hitter.

Curiously, Cruz is roughly the same against lefties or righties from 2002-05. A closer look at the period shows a wacky inconsistency: in '02, more power against righties; in '03, an OPS nearly 200 points higher against lefties; in '04, much higher OBP and SLG vs. righties. Whatever the case, he's never been as bad as Vizquel has been this versus lefties.


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