Off-Day Bits 

* Westwood Blues points out via a series of labyrinthine links that Will Carroll's more optimistic than us blog-cynics about Barry Bonds's knee. June? Dare we hope?

* Brett Tomko did it again yesterday. He let a lapse in concentration ruin his start. However, I'll grant that he got screwed statistically by the horrible scoring decision on the Gonzo ground ball Ray Durham butchered to start the two-out rally in the fourth. That was an error. That wasn't close to a hit. That wasn't even a hit on crack. Like Mike Krukow, who refused to mark it as a hit in his scorebook, I'll pretend those runs are unearned and give Tomko an ERA of 3.96, not 4.89.

* Durham: put him on the DL until his hammies heal completely. He's awful right now. The only decent part of his game is his OBP, but once on base, he can't run. DL him, shift Fonzie to second and Feliz to third and bring up Linden, who's finally discovered power and patience at Fresno this year. Who does he think he is, Damon Minor?

* ESPN's Jayson Stark quotes Ned Colletti about J.T. Snow's .378 average -- second to Ichiro -- since last All-Star break.

"J.T. has reinvented himself," said Giants assistant GM Ned Colletti. "He's become an on-base guy, a singles-doubles guy with a little gap power, a guy who just knows how to play and knows how to hit. He's done a lot of work with [Giants hitting coaches] Joe Lefebvre and Willie Upshaw, and he's made adjustments. Early in his career, he wasn't making those adjustments. But he's making them now. I just think he got tired of being written off."

Fun stat of the day:

E. Alfonzo, Giants: .925 OPS
E. Alfonzo, Giants: .971 OPS

The higher number belongs to Eliezer Alfonzo of the San Jose Giants, a 26-yr-old catcher who has never made it above AA. Six home runs in 71 at-bats: Call it ¡Fonzitomania!


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