No Runs, Drips or Errors 

I never quite said so in my post about Dr. Arthur Ting's probation and Barry Bonds's bad judgment, but speculation crossed my mind about the illegal prescriptions mentioned in the news reports. Leave it to the estimable Will Carroll to disabuse me of such notions.

In today's Under the Knife column, Carroll takes to task my unspoken thoughts -- mine and half the planet's.

"The drugs were Ambien (for sleeping), Vicodin (a common narcotic painkiller), and Lomotil (for diarrhea--I don't know either). Some stories I've seen have implied that steroids or other performance enhancers were involved, which shows that some people can't read or do a simple drug search."

Barry may need the first two, but Lomotril? He's not getting any hits or walks anytime soon, let alone runs.

Speaking of pooh-pooh, Carroll also waves off the fanboy and -girl panic surrounding Jason Schmidt: "...the idea that he's been overused and unmonitored is just laughable."

I wish I had such jaunty optimism. Carroll says just look at last year's game log for Schmidt, he had his rough patches then, too. But other than the Padres Poundings he took and his post-groin performance, I don't see the same thing as what we've seen the last two starts: total lack of command and drastically diminshed velocity.

Fun stat of the day:

Giants vs. Colorado and Pittsburgh: 8-1
Giants vs. everyone else: 7-14


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