Mamaseh Mamasah Mamakusah 

It looks like the Surround Sound of Sutro Heights, la FM de la FM, the 50-Watt Juggernaut of Radio Fort Miley has slapped a musical baton into my outstretched palm.

I hadn't heard of this curious Web phenomenon until now, and I'm afraid I'm underequipped to deal with it, being a CDs-and-stereo in the living room kind of guy. (Although I wouldn't mind an iPod Shuffle for my birthday...mom? Sigh. She never reads my blog.)

Without further ado:

Total volume of music files on my computer: 1 album (OK Computer, of course)
The last CD I bought: "This Is Our Music" by Galaxie 500
Song playing right now: Nothing out loud, but "Thunder Road" has been in my head all morning. (Word to the Laz, who when confronted with the ubiquity of the iPod, tapped his cranium and said, "I've got my iPod right here, and it's always on shuffle.")

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:

1. "Detouring America With Horns" by Yo La Tengo
2. "Desde Que O Samba E Samba" by Veloso/Gil
3. "Good Friday" by Cowboy Junkies
4. "Hurricane Blues" by Linton Kwesi Johnson
5. "Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting" by Charles Mingus

Others who may wish to accept the baton: Ed, Martine, Grant, Josh, Marty, and last but not least, The Commish.

Fun stat of the day:

The Giants are 35-57 at home when James Brown's "I Feel Good" plays over the P.A. system between innings (won-lost record does not include the year "I Feel Good" was the team slogan, permanently ruining the song for the rest of recorded history).


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