Jeremy's Falhmmrfifhr, Yeaaaah 

I never understood what the hell Eddie Vedder was singing in that song, but I don't think it was "Jeremy's been called up to the Giants, yeaaaaahh."

I'm having just as much trouble understanding the latest Giants' pitching decisions, both in-game and roster-wise. Sure, the bullpen's in disarray now that Armando Benitez's hamstringbone ain't connected to the pelvisbone, but some oddities, nonetheless:

1) Sunday in Pittsburgh Felipe uses four relievers to get six outs with a five-run lead. That's less than 24 hours after Felipe uses every reliever except Munter on Saturday. He reminded me of a little kid who will only use one tissue per nose-blow. Why not designate one guy to mop up Sunday and save the rest of the arms for the important intradivision series vs. Arizona? There was something in the paper from Felipe about the need to audition guys in certain roles. Whatever, you crazy old coot.

2) The next day (a.k.a. last night), an obviously off-peak Jason Schmidt struggles through 6 innings, throwing 98 pitches and walking four. He threw 131 pitches five days earlier, and everyone's concerned about his velocity. His turn to hit is coming in the top of the 7th, and even better, it's with one out and a man in scoring position. But of course, Schmidt stays in, strikes out, and looks terrible in the bottom of the 7th. He throws 121 pitches and is pulled just before all hell breaks loose and rolls through Mike Matheny's legs.

3) Because the bullpen has magically gone from well-rested on Saturday morning -- thanks to a Wednesday laugher, a Thursday off-day, and Tomko's complete game on Friday -- to a total shambles, the Giants bring up a reliever and send Brad Hennessey back to AAA. Fair enough. Munter, Aardsma, Correia, Foppert, Fikac, Randolph, Puffer: so many to choose from, guys with major league experience, extensive spring training exposure, and/or World Series rings, guys you feel OK about throwing an inning here and there. But they choose Jeremy Accardo, the 23-year-old Norwich closer.

My scalp is itching. I must scratch.

I hold no animus for the lad. His name is mellifluous. His cheeks are no doubt flush with excitement. He's got his best vest pressed. But unless the Giants think he's ready to step into the closer role, there's no reason for him to be called up. There's certainly nothing in his statistics to indicate he's ready to set the bigs on fire, or even mop up after one's been put out.

Fun stat of the day:

Jeremy Accardo's minor league totals through '04:

57 games / 63.1 IP / 66 H / 31 ER / 4 HR / 17 BB / 48 K / 4.41 ERA

For some reason he's not on the current Norwich stat board, so I don't know how he's fared this year. Any ideas? Has he started the year with 20 shutout innings and 43 Ks? Am I missing something here?


The Giants site says Accardo was 1-0 with 4 saves and a .93 ERA this year, but no peripheral stats. It also features this less-than-comforting quote from him: "I threw a couple of times in the spring and was working on my slider at Norwich so I could throw it for strikes," he said. "I thought I'd have another Double-A season to work on things. I did fix a couple of small problems, and it has helped."

Hey, no better place to learn the slider than Bank One Ballpark with Troy Glaus in the batter's box.


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