It Don't Mean a Ting If It Ain't Got That Swing 

I turned off the game tonight after Scott Munter and The Alouettes let two runs in to effectively seal the Giants fate. Enough of that. I have my dignity, unlike the Marquis de Sad Decline.

This could be Grip's Last Stand: a three-game set in Coors Field, where he has posted an .871 OPS the last three years; the weather warming up; two lefties starting for the Rockies. If he can't make it there, he may not make it anywhere. Early returns aren't promising, and John Zogby's nowhere to be found: 1 for 4 with a measly single, his first two at-bats absolutely brutal. A first-pitch double-play ball (surprise!) and a three-pitch strikeout.

Marquis should sit down in Felipe's office, pull out a guitar, strum an A minor and sing, "Old man, look at my life, I'm a lot like you."

Although I have a feeling Felipe would find a way to get a runner in from third with no outs and the infield playing back.

If Marquis cannot find a guitar, he could borrow Barry's. With the knee injury and all, Bonds has a lot more time to rehearse for his next blues lament, or work up an alternate voicing of the theme song to Sanford and Son.

Really. Check this out and scroll to the bottom. (And remember, pal, the photo is by Anthony "Tony" Phills. Not "Big Tony" or "Fat Tony," just "Tony.")

Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse, Barry decides to learn the best of Dave Matthews, Matchbox 19, and Jack Johnson. Argh.

Question: If you could request a song from Barry, what would it be?

Fun stat of the day

A.J. Pierzynski in 2005:

104 ABs


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