¡Sabado Gigantes! 

I never saw Juan Marichal pitch, but anyone who could kick his leg over his head 150 times a game and not double over with searing lower back pain is all right by me. That guy was so flexible, he should have been nicknamed The Swami.

El Lefty has had no greater thrill this year than to see "Gigantes" stitched across los uniformes de la vainilla francesa. How about doing it every Saturday home game and call it "¡Sabado Gigantes!"

Don Francisco, San Francisco. ¡Es igual!

And just one game a week, instead of Balldudes, how about las chicas de S.G. fetching the fouls? ¿Porqué no? Jonrónes grandes, chichis grandes: Me encanta este juego.

So now we've got controversy on our hands. The blogranters are revolting! Leave Fassero in the rotation! If Lowry has another bad outing (which he won't -- knock on wood), maybe he can Jerome on down to Fresno to work out what's ailing him. Give Fassero his turn against San Diego. In fact, the off-day Monday lets the Giants adjust the rotation appropriately:

Schmidt Tuesday
Hennessey Wednesday
Tomko Thursday
Rueter Friday
Fassero Saturday

I'm not wishing Lowry ill. I would love to see him right the ship tomorrow and force the Giants to make a tough decision with Fassero. But if Lowry continues to struggle, the decision becomes a lot easier: Sign that Marichal guy.


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