Bleak House 

Just back from the yard with a few thoughts:

* Noah Lowry looked superb except for two bad pitches in the 7th: a two-strike fastball to Jose Castillo that Castillo smoked into center to tie the game, and the full-count fastball to Wigginton that got deposited in the CF bleachers. A hot hitter hit a bad pitch; on another day a cold hitter might have popped it up. Let's hope Lowry builds on this start.

* Key moment of the game: Giants up 2-1 in the 6th, Tucker on second after a leadoff double, and Pedro Feliz swings at the first pitch for a grounder to short. Tucker stays at second and never scores. The lesson of moving a runner to third with one out should have been learned in the 3rd, when Torrealba battled with two strikes and finally flied to right. That moved Ellison to third and then home on Lowry's ground ball.

* Tyler Walker has a fastball that will go a long way when it meets the bat of a hitter looking for the fastball.

* Scott Munter throws his sinker right at 92 MPH almost every single time. It is nasty, as Matt Lawton found out when it broke back over the inside corner instead of hitting him, but it is the same speed again and again. I think I saw 91 a few times and perhaps a 94. That's not quite changing speeds. He doesn't seem to throw anything else. Mariano Rivera can pitch in the big leagues with one pitch at one speed. Scott Munter probably cannot.

* Jeremy Accardo looks like he's been following the Kevin Correia Tall Thin Dude diet.

* The sun was shining, the breeze was warm, the grass was green, and a bunch of cute-as-dickens kids were chanting "Let's Go Giants!" non-stop in the 1-3-8. Not so bad after all.


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