Barry Knee At Sea 

Looks like Mr. Wounded Knee won't be back til at least July. Bacterial infection -- ick. At least Barry knows who's been leaking (information, not infected fluid) to the media. I'm gon' get you, suckah, but first I gotta get out of this recliner. Nikolai, fetch hither my crutches!

At this rate, with the Giants leading the league in runs scored and on-base percentage, maybe they don't need him. (Commence the sending of the hate mail.)

Really, I doubt the offense will be this prolific all summer without Barry or other additions. Matheny, Snow, Fonzie and Ellison will return to earth to varying degrees; Feliz, Alou, Niekro and Vizquel at best will give what they're giving now; Grissom, Durham and Tucker may improve, but by how much, really?

That's a very unscientific way of saying the Giants may continue to compete with their current offense, but they won't be able to compensate for substandard pitching. If Barry comes back in July (best case scenario, I'd say) and heats it up for the stretch run, maybe they will have enough O to counteract the crappy pitching.

However, if Schmidt continues as he's been or -- as I fear -- gets worse, the Giants, Barry or Not, will need a boost in the bullpen and the starting rotation.

Steve Karsay, anyone?

Fun stat of the day:

Pitcher A post-season:
40.3 IP / 42 H / 17 ER / 11 BB / 17 K / 3.79 ERA

Pitcher B post-season:
44 IP / 51 H / 28 ER / 25 BB / 27 H / 5.73 ERA

Hint: they were once teammates. Any guesses?


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