The Zen of Tomko 

Some of the best pitches I've ever seen Brett Tomko throw came in the last two innings of the game the Giants just won, 3-2. Change-ups on the outside corner; sharp sliders down and away; well-placed fastballs. This is the Tomko of last August and September that we've been waiting all spring for:

9 IP / 4 H / 1 BB / 7 K

That's a fine looking line. Granted, the Pirates have Tike Redman hitting fifth, but the larger point is that Tomko didn't beat himself. When the Pirates strung a few hits together in the fourth, it could have mentally derailed him because he had been perfect until that inning. But he shut them down the rest of the way and made fantastic pitches.

Second game ball goes to Jason Ellison, who had three hits and would have had a fourth if Jack Wilson hadn't made a jump-throw that no one had seen since Joe Montana threw an insignificant touchdown pass to Dwight Clark back in 1981.

Ellison is doing what Calvin Murray and Marvin Benard never figured out: lay off the bad ones, slap the strikes around and run like hell. It's working so far.


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