Weird Scenes Inside the Wotus Mind 

I didn't get to a TV until it was 7-1 and the game effectively over tonight. But I have some questions:

- Kirk Rueter pulled after five innings and 83 pitches...and four strikeouts? Sounds like he was pitching well enough to start the sixth.

- Did Felipe watch the game on TV? Does his apartment, which reportedly is in the high rise across from the park overlooking Momo's, have a balcony that sports a view of the field?

- Ray Durham didn't start because of the groin strain? Uh oh.

- Moises Alou was pulled from the game because of a calf strain? Come on, man. It's only the second game. To have Durham and Alou out now would only serve as absurd parody, not as sobering fact. Too real to be true.

- Mike Matheny with a slugging percentage of .571? Enjoy it while you can, and remember that Neifi Perez was hitting .643 or something like that after the first three games in Houston last year.

- Hey, how about that Jeff Fassero?

- To end the evening, a question for the crowd: on which date will Jason Christiansen get his release? (Correct answer wins an official Lefty Malo sippy cup.)


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