Reflections on a 6-8 Start 

* Oh please, sir, may I have more Rockies? It's awfully cold and damp here by this gray lonely body of water, and my polyester doubleknits do so frightfully little to keep me warm. The dreadful Messrs. Peavy and Odalis are cruel, cruel men, sir, they give me nothing but crumbs. I much prefer Mr. Dohmann and his associates. I promise I'll put in a full 14-hour day's work from now on!

* When Brian Lawrence and Javier Vazquez see the Giants, they say, "It's Chinese for 'yummy.'"

* Geezus H., folks, what did you expect? The Giants' top two home run hitters are out, Lance "You're My Amigo" Niekro is batting third, the bullpen went into a collective opening-week slump...six and eight sounds pretty good right now.

* Except the Dodgers are peeling out and whooping like 25 teenagers in a Winnemucca 7-11 parking lot. With yet another come-from-behind win tonight, they're now six up on the Giants with 148 to play.

*Is it panic-button time? Wait...wait...eh!...oh...wait...not the wedd wunn!

* I was doing my physical therapy today down at the clinic inside Mays Field, and who should walk in holding a long-haired Australian shepherd on a red leash, but the one and only Yorvit Torrealba. He was short. But muscular. He was there because someone he knew was getting therapy for a neck problem. I wanted to say, "Yorvit, hang in there, I wanted you to be the starter, eres el hombre. Who am I? I am El Lefty Malo -- that's http://leftymalo.blogspot.com," but I refrained.

* Noah Lowry showed some huevos tonight. Terrible stuff, no control of the fastball or change-up, but he was sage enough to mix in a few sliders, including one to strike out Shawn Green, and somehow only surrendered 1 earned run in 6. Strong work, Señor Bagels.

* The Ghost of Pierzynski: Marquis Grissom has already grounded into 5 double plays this year, according to Jon Miller.

* A win tomorrow with Schmidt on the mound, and two of three from the Brewers this weekend (with no Ben Sheets on the mound), and the Giants will be back to .500.


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