Holy Hamstring of God, Is This the End of Armando? 

Armando Benitez will be out for at least four months after tests revealed he tore tendons in his hamstring.

My first reaction: [.....].

My second reaction: Wow.

My third reaction: Ugueth Urbina.

Brian Sabean says the position will be filled internally unless he trades for someone named Slim N. Nunn.

OK, instead of cursing the fates or Armando Benitez's conditioning program, let's put our thinking caps on. At the major league level, no way any of the current bullpenners will be anointed closer. If someone put a gun to my head and said choose one or else, I'd say Jim Brower, but as soon as the gun was lowered I'd take my answer back.

At the minor league level, Kevin Correia is the current closer in Fresno. According to recent reports, his manager recently chewed him out for not concentrating enough. Bad sign. David Aardsma is in the starting rotation in Norwich, working on his breaking stuff and better control. He is not ready to pitch at the major league level, let alone close.

It looks like the dreaded closer-by-committee for the time being, folks.


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