Better Than Just About Anything 

It's opening day (except for the Giants and a few others). To celebrate it, as well as National Poetry Month, let's hear from David Lehman:

April 3

It's one thing to rage
against decrepit old age
it's another thing to drink
yourself to death and I don't know
what made me think of Dylan
Thomas's farm forever fled
like a fleeting cloud only this one
dominates the sky on this chilly gray
afternoon Alfonso walks Piazza
singles to left and we have runners
on the corners with nobody out
the winning run on third base
and Zeile hits a fly ball to right
that will tie it up and it's still
cloudy and cool but better than being
in the office on opening day


Substitute "Alou" for "Piazza," "Grissom" for "Zeile," and correct the misspelling of Alfonzo's name, and it's perfect.

Enjoy 2005, everyone, no matter what team you root for.


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