The Jon Miller Classic 

I caught a few innings of the Giants game this afternoon while on lunch break. It was my dream broadcast lineup: just Jon Miller, Krukow and Kuiper. No Dave Fleming, who with his young-guy-with-gravitas voice and Ed McMahonesque suck-up laugh is starting to annoy me as much as Joe Angel did.

But Miller was in fine form. At one particularly boring juncture of the game, he segued from a discussion about Hanchin, the former team of A's pitcher Keiichi Yabu, to an anecdote about his own visit to Japan in 1984. He told Kruk and Kuip about his attempts to pick up women on the subway with his phrase-book Japanese and sentences such as "Shall we meet later at my hotel?"

Every woman, he said, reacted the same way, and to illustrate he made a sound half-way between a demure giggle and a Ringu-scream. "So sorry!" they would say. "Busy!"

Is there any announcer better? Does anyone even come close? You may say Vin Scully, but Vin doesn't have half Miller's sense of humor. Plus he works for the Dodgers.

Dave Niehaus in Seattle? A cretin.

Bill King of the A's is one of my all-time favorites, but his golden years were doing the Warriors of the 1970s.



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