Frankly, Mr. Franklin 

It is not a day as tremendous as La Liberacion Del Senor Zapata, when Giants fans ran from their kitchens into the dusty streets and banged wooden spoons against metal pots as the church bells rang, rang, rang out with the news!

It is not quite that kind of day, but I'm happy to tell you, my friends, that the Franklins of Wayne have played their last concert at Mays Field By The Bay, leaving the awkwardly-situated stage to the annual Dave Matthews collective yawn-a-thon.

Wayne Franklin got his walking papers today, or maybe in baseball they're called sliding papers, but whatever the case, he's as outta here as a home run when Duane Kuiper is in the broadcast booth.

Also gonzo is Al Levine, which I'm less enthused about, mostly because he's a fellow M.O.T. (Member of the Tribe). Sorry, brother-man, but that's how the matzoh ball bounces, especially if it was like the ones from my Grandma Shirley's kitchen. ("Matzoh bullets was more like it," my mom not so fondly remembers from her childhood.)

So what does this mean for the roster? Tyler Walker looks good for the sixth bullpen slot. Let's hope that with a full year of uninterrupted MLB service under his belt he'll show more consistency.

But wait -- does this also mean Jeff Fassero will be the seventh bullpenner, the long man, with Jesse Foppert sent to Fresno to start every fifth day? Ack. Fassero hasn't had a good year since 2001, although his stats away from Coors Field last year were pretty good (.674 OPS against, 61 IP, only 4 HR allowed, 3.23 ERA) except for a Rueter-like K/BB ratio of 30/23.

I still hope the Giants stick with 11 pitchers, ditch Fassero, and give Dallimore a bench spot.


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