Barry Bonkers 

Not only did Barry Bonds say today he might miss the entire season, he told the media has finally triumphed in bringing him down.

The man himself has admitted in the past that he doesn't even believe half the things he says, so I'm going to take the Dr. Bonds Injury Timeline with a big pinche of salt. It sounds much more like his favorite self-motivation technique: bitch, moan, complain, whine about being tired, beat down, then step to the plate and smash one into the bay. It doesn't win him any sunshine points, but whatever works.

Another note after seeing that he brought his kid Nikolai to the press conference: Can you imagine having a dad like Barry? Paranoid? Check. Persecution complex? Check. Steroid user? Quite possibly. Filthy rich and materialistic? Check. Mercurial? Check. Away half the time? Yep. Someone get that kid into therapy.


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